New Pieces

Check out some of my newest items. You can find these, as well as some of my favourites and best-selling pieces, in the Portfolio section.

What Flea n' V is about...


Flea An' Vixen jewellery is hand made in rural Devon. I make jewellery from anything I can find - I re-use and recycle scrap and broken jewellery, but I also like to use odd things like barbie shoes, toys, beads, beach finds, polymer clay, paper - if it's fun and colourful, I want to use it!
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Other things...

I do other stuff as well as making jewellery. I paint pretty glass candle-holders, I've painted ceramics, printed t-shirts and other clothing - so if you have a special request, contact me!
  • Fab Flea An' V Jewellery
  • New "Kinky" range, available on eBay
  • Jigsaw badge pins
  • Hand painted glass
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JAN 2014
Etsy shop now open!
Flea An' V are proud to announce that we're selling on Etsy! Come find us and add us to your favourite shops list :)
JAN 2014
Logo New range on eBay!
New range of items now available on eBay - gifts with a bit of naughtiness built in ;)
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